Kids Activities Geneva

Timetable Activities

Each child possesses unique qualities and develops at their own pace. At LittlePandas, your Kids Club in Geneva, we recognise and cater to these individual needs by offering activities that are tailored to each child’s motor development, rather than solely based on their age. We have curated different groups to accommodate children of various stages.

Baby: from their first month of life until their first movements.
Mini: designed for any child who is starting to move and crawl but is not yet walking.
Little: from their first steps.
Star: children who can follow instructions. Usually, from 2.5 years old.
Master: tailored to independent children. Usually, from 3.5 to 6 years old.

Unleash your child’s potential with our engaging Classes, Activities and Workshops designed for Babies and Toddlers in Geneva. Ignite curiosity, foster development, and nurture young minds through interactive experiences. Choose from a diverse range of thoughtfully crafted Kid’s Workshops and Kid’s Activities that support exploration and learning in Geneva. Join us on an enriching journey where your little one’s growth takes center stage in our Kids Club Geneva.

Montessori Music

Dive into the wonderful world of Music with our Montessori Music Workshops at our Kids Club in Geneva! A playful journey where children explore instruments, rhythms, and sounds, all while following Montessori educational principles. Through movement and sound exploration, this workshop provides an engaging experience for our Star & Master groups, awakening their musical senses and nurturing their curiosity. Come discover Music for Children in Geneva.

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Our Sensory Workshop,  proposed at our Kids Club, consists of various activities designed to stimulate three of the five senses in children: touch, smell, and sight. Offered for our Star & Little groups, it allows children to explore the world while having fun. 

It is an excellent way to enhance their cognitive and physical development. These Workshops help them explore their environment, cultivate curiosity, creativity, and imagination. It also promote fine motor skills, coordination, and concentration.

These activities strengthen children’s brain development and improve their ability to learn. Plus, they enable little ones to enhance their vocabulary, spatial understanding, and self-awareness. Come and discover the world at our Kids Club for Children in Geneva!

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Our Movement Workshop, offered at our Kids Club, is centered on body expression. Proposed for our Little & Star Groups, it has been designed with the aim of awakening children in their movements: coordination, balance, and flexibility. This class, accompanied by music, allows Children in Geneva to have fun, move, and immerse themselves in the sound of the beat. Through games and various sounds, the little ones will learn to control their bodies and emotions in our Kids Club Geneva.

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Yoga for Baby, Star & Master groups, our specially designed Yoga Class in Geneva cater to the youngest participants, enabling them to develop motor skills and body awareness while enjoying a safe and engaging environment in our Kids Club.

These enriching activities foster self-confidence and a stronger parent-child relationship. The exercises are diverse, tailored to each child’s age and abilities.

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Our Motri-Gym Class is a physical activity program designed to enhance coordination, balance, and muscle strength in Mini, Little, Star & Master groups. Led by experienced teachers, these sessions incorporate playful games and activities that stimulate children’s movement and encourage self-challenge. All exercises are carefully adapted to each child’s age and abilities, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience in the company of parents in our Kids Club Geneva.

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Our Star & Master Chefs workshops, Kids Cooking Class offer a delightful introduction to the world of Cooking for Children in Geneva at the walking stage and beyond. Each week, our little chefs have the opportunity to create simple and delicious recipes in the company of their parents in our Kids Club. We emphasize the use of healthy ingredients suitable for young palates, promoting a balanced and varied diet. As this workshop involves hands-on activities, we recommend parents provide a change of clothes and wear appropriate attire.

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Every child possesses their own artistic talent. At Little Pandas, your Kids Club in Geneva, we celebrate each child’s artistic potential through painting, colouring, drawing, and building activities. Our Art Class for Kids are for Star & Master groups and provide a nurturing environment for children to explore their creativity, develop fine motor skills, gain confidence, and improve concentration. We aim to keep children’s dreams alive while encouraging their ongoing discovery and self-expression.

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Offered for Minis, Little & Stars, our music workshops help each child develop their listening skills through different instruments. A unique moment that shapes their hearing, cultivates their sound while discovering new emotions.


Circle of Mothers

Our Circle of Mothers Workshop in Geneva is a place where mothers come together to engage in meaningful discussions, share their experiences, and support one another during the transformative journey of pregnancy and postpartum life. These precious months are a time of significant change, where habits shift, the baby takes center stage, and emotions run high. Being part of a supportive circle can make a world of difference.

Each session focuses on a specific theme related to baby development (such as baby yoga, relieving discomfort through massage, and promoting motor skills) or maternal well-being (including fitness and gentle exercise). This provides a holistic approach to addressing the unique needs of both Mother and Baby.

Join us at LittlePandas Geneva to connect with courageous women who understand the challenges of motherhood. Hear diverse stories, feel supported, and express yourself in a non-judgmental and compassionate environment. Step out of your daily routine, break free from the confines of your home, and engage in meaningful activities with your Baby.

By participating in our Circle of Mothers, you not only create a special bond with your little one but also forge connections with other mothers who are on a similar journey. Together, we can navigate the joys and challenges of motherhood with strength, empathy, and a sense of community.

Freedom Play

Freedom Play is an activity that engages all of your child’s senses, giving them the possibility to be creative and explore different materials the way they want. It encourages children to innovate and discover by experimenting. During this workshop, children can easily get stained or wet since their imagination has no limits. This is why we recommend that parents provide a change of clothes in case it is necessary and wear appropriate clothing. “Freedom Play is doing what you can’t necessarily do at home.”



Discover the transformative power of Baby Massage at LittlePandas Geneva, an essential practice for the holistic well-being of Babies and Toddlers. Our Workshops offer a unique opportunity for you and your Child to share a special bonding experience while unlocking a multitude of benefits.

Learn a variety of expert Massage Techniques, tailored specifically for your Baby‘s needs. Understand and respond to their cues, fostering a deep connection and strengthening your parent-child relationship. Join a supportive community of parents, where you can exchange insights and create lasting connections at Little Pandas Kids Club Geneva.

Experience the therapeutic effects of gentle, natural massage oils, carefully selected to nourish your baby’s delicate skin. Embrace this precious time together to promote healthy development, both physiologically and emotionally.

Enroll in our Baby Massage Class and embark on a journey of discovery, connection, and enhanced well-being for you and your little one.

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