Day Care Geneva

Starting from September 2024, we offer Day Care every Wednesday!

No school on Wednesdays? We’ve got you covered!

Our Kids Day Care in Geneva welcomes children from 4 years old in a safe, warm, and enriching environment. Our days are filled with fun, educational, and creative activities designed to stimulate imagination and promote the development of each child.

During our Day Care, our qualified educators carefully watch over the children, providing them with emotional support and encouraging their natural curiosity. Whether through games, arts, outdoor activities, or relaxing moments, we are committed to providing your children with a memorable and stimulating experience at our Kid’s Day Care in Geneva.

Join us on Wednesdays for full or half-days filled with discovery and joy at Little Pandas Kids Day Care in Geneva. We look forward to sharing these precious moments with your children!

At Little Pandas, we believe that early childhood is a crucial stage for emotional, cognitive, and social development. That’s why our program is tailored to foster growth in all these areas through structured and spontaneous activities. Our educators are passionate about creating a nurturing and interactive environment that encourages children to explore their interests and develop new skills.

Our facility is not only safe and secure, equipped with the latest safety features, but it also offers a vibrant and inviting atmosphere that makes children feel at home. The classrooms are colorful and arranged to stimulate learning and creativity, with areas designated for reading, art, science, and play.

In addition to the weekly Wednesday Kid’s Day Care, Little Pandas also offers thematic workshops throughout the month. These workshops are designed to delve deeper into subjects such as nature, science, art, and music. Each session is carefully planned to align with children’s natural interests and learning capabilities. For example, during a music workshop, children might learn about different instruments, compose simple melodies, or participate in a mini-concert.

Our outdoor activities are particularly popular among the children at our Kids Day Care in Geneva. When the weather permits, we always go out to play and engage in physical activities like running, jumping, and climbing, which are essential for their physical development. These activities not only help improve their motor skills but also teach them about teamwork and fair play.

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